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10 Most Expensive Flowers Which Probably You Don’t Know

10 Most Expensive Flowers Which Probably You Don’t Know

God has blessed us with many incredible gifts, and in those things, one is flowers. Flowers are one of the most elegant creations made by God. The beauty of the flowers makes the world more enjoyable. But flowers not only make our world beautiful but also they are also the best gift for your loved ones. Yes, people send flowers online as admiration, a token of love, an expression of love, and for different reasons. Flowers can express emotions, which sometimes we fail to communicate through words. Flowers are the best gift, and people give it on birthdays, weddings and many other occasions. With enormous varieties of blooms to choose from, have you ever thought about giving the costliest flower to your loved ones? Do you know the most expensive flowers in the world? If you have no idea, read this article here we are discussing with you the most costly blooms on the earth. 

Kadupul Flower

This flower is mostly found in Sri Lanka and is one of the most expensive flowers in our world. No one can beat this flower in cost. It is considered as one of the most costly flowers in India as well. But this flower’s life is very short and hardly lives one night. The reason for its short life is its cactus roots. However, Kadupul flower is one of the popular flowers in India and famous for its incredible calming qualities. You can enjoy the fragrance of this flower by purchasing a bottle of Kadupul scent. 

Juliet Rose

Rose is one of the top listed flowers around the world. From Osiris to the Halfeti rose, their beauty seems beyond anything, but it seems that the Juliet rose beats them all. Juliet rose is a different flower that took more than ten years to create, giving it one of the most expensive flowers ever developed. The flower has soft peach color petals and looks elegant when entirely open. The Juliet flowers are often used as a marriage flower. The cost of these flowers is around £90. You can also send roses online to your beloved to express your love and care.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

You see some unique orchids in existence, but Shenzhen orchids are a different one. This flower is the first found by Chinese agricultural scientists, and that’s why the flower is also called man-made. It was created in the university. That’s why it was given the name Shenzhen Nongke orchid. Creating an elegant orchid scientist took eight years, and it blooms every five years. The price of this flower is astounding, which is declared in the auction around £ 160,000.

Saffron crocus

This bloom is another costly flower in the world. The color of saffron crocus is light purple-blue, but it looks more elegant with its bright yellow stamen. People buy this flower on many occasions. The interesting fact about this flower is that 80,000 blooms are required to create only 500 grams of spice. This flower is also popular as a spice in cuisines in many parts of the world. This increases the value of saffron crocus and thus is the most expensive flower on the earth.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Kinabalu orchid is another costly flower famous for its beauty. This elegant flower is found in the small area of the Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia. This flower is large and looks very elegant, but it is hard to grow. For blooming, it takes many years. The cost of this flower is almost $5,000. 

Gloriosa Lily

Gloria’s lily is found mostly in Asia, and it is also a very expensive bloom on the earth for being elegant as well as rare. This flower has many names, such as fire lily, flame lily, etc. In Latin, people call this flower by name Gloriosa superba Rothschildiana. This flower is known because of its pronounced petals and changing color from top to center. But mostly, this flower comes in three colors and is accessible year-round. The price of this flower is higher than before. No doubt they are costly, but when they are added in, your bouquet looks gorgeous! 


Hydrangea is native to Southern America and a combination of 70-75 of flowering plants. This flower is placed 8th position in the list of expensive flowers around the world. They mostly come in the color of white blooms, but also you can get these flowers in pink, blue, violet hydrangea in sporadic cases. These flowers are famous because of their appearance. 

So, these are the most expensive blooms that you can send to your loved ones on their special day. If you stay in another city then, you can deliver flowers online in Hyderabad on their special day.

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