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Advance Auto Parts: 10 Helpful Towing Tips that Will Save You and Your Car Money

Advance Auto Parts: 10 Helpful Towing Tips that Will Save You and Your Car Money

There are so many drawbacks about owning a car. Aside from the yearly renewal and insurance fees, you also need to pay for gas, maintenance, and to some who are considered as car virtuosos – modifications. These expenses are all worth working hard for because our cars also reciprocate and offer us comfort from point A to B. But what’s not worth it though, in terms of additional car expenses, are towing fees!

And let me just say this – towing services are savages! Sometimes they don’t even allow you to move your car even before the warning time limit is up. Because I’ve had my fair share of horrible towing stories, I’ve summed up.


The 10 helpful towing tips that will save you and your car money.

Know the Ropes

There’s a reason why manufacturers spend extra costs for manuals (duh). They’re there at your disposal whenever the need arises. Buy a manual so you’ll know how to fix minor issues and avoid calling the towing services. I’ve been down this road before when my car’s clutch was stuck and I ended up calling a towing service, but all the mechanic did, in the end, was just prop it back up with his hand (I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed).

Carry a Can of Fuel All the Time

This is very useful especially when you’re fond of long drives and the countryside. But the downside is, some of these areas might not have gas stations available in miles. So instead of having your fuel depleted (because you didn’t listen to my advice), always reserve a fuel supply in case of emergencies.

Learn How to Change a Tire

Tire blowouts are actually one of the most common reasons that drivers call towing services for. Checking your tires frequently and changing it every couple of years is good. However, learning how to completely change a flat tire is better! This is a doable task if you have the right tools for the job. Some of them are a jack, crowbar, thick gloves, an overall, a mat to lay on, and an emergency warning device.

Make Copies of Documents

If you’ve been in a roadside accident and can’t grab a hold of the documents in your car for some reason, you can call someone with copies of your documents to get assistance immediately. Without these vital documents, your car insurance company won’t be able to honor the free towing eligibility.

Vehicle Manufacturers

One benefit that automakers offer their customers when buying their cars is a towing coverage. Don’t forget to avail this when you’re in a road crisis. The only drawback is the towing service will bring your car to the dealership. And since you’re already there, I guess you might as well have your car repaired, right? WRONG! Well, we all know repair costs in dealerships are way more expensive than in local auto shops. But at least you got the towing service free, right? RIGHT!

Insurance Car Companies

There’s a reason why people scramble paying their car insurance companies year by year even if it’s quite pricey. That’s because it comes with benefits and one such benefit is free towing service for a limited coverage. Nonetheless, take advantage of this during car breakdowns.

Credit Card Companies

This is actually the time where you can call your credit card companies to redeem free towing services (and not calling them to answer to debt collection, good riddance). Some credit card companies try hard to win customers so one way to appease their customers is by offering towing services. Simply call them and see if you’re eligible.

Mobile Companies

You network providers might have this monthly membership thing that enables you to avail of free towing services for a limited time or distance. Although there’s a monthly fee for that, the meager amount will never compare to how pricey towing services are!

Join Auto Clubs

Joining auto clubs might require you to pay a monthly membership fee as well. However, it’s still an affordable way to get towing services. And the best part is, with an auto club, you’ll probably even meet other car enthusiasts or connections which can further assist you during a car breakdown. Let’s say, someone who owns a huge truck which can be used for towing perhaps?

Drive Safely

This shouldn’t even be here because this is common sense but because it’s so important to drive safely to avoid accidents; that’s why this deserves a spot on our list.

I know that even how hard someone tries to evade towing services, sometimes these things are just inevitable. But with the towing costs and all, is it worth it to just simply wait for bad things to happen on the road instead of taking precautions?

Speaking of driving safely, one of the common roadside assistance situations are due to unfortunate road accidents. These are sometimes brought upon oneself because of recklessness on the road but if you want to know how you can keep you and your car safe while saving loads of money on towing services, here’s a list of the things you can do:

  •    Don’t drink and drive.
  •    Don’t drive when you’re sleepy.
  •    Avoid distractions like using your mobile phone while driving.
  •    Always keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.
  •    Beware of blind spots and always look both ways when turning into an intersection.
  •    Never tailgate. The drivers are penalized in some countries for this.
  •    Drive within the speed limit.
  •    Park properly.
  •    Look backward when backing out.
  •    Don’t forget your car’s regular maintenance checks to ensure that it’s in tiptop shape.

These are some of the ways you can save YOURSELF and save a lot of money on towing services. Driving safely by being courteous and respectful to the other drivers will make your travels on the road a breeze and accident-free.

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks, a passionate blogger and frequent traveler, enjoys sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about classic car parts and accessories. She is currently working for Tuckersparts, which offers the best classic automobile parts.

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