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10 Exotic Beaches in Cape Cod You Must Visit

10 Exotic Beaches in Cape Cod You Must Visit

Cape Cod is one of the best places that provide you some best beach destinations not just in the US but all over the world. It is one of the best places that people love to visit during their world travel and tours. It is having historic sites, natural attractions, astounding coastline, and tropical flora and fauna. Without any doubt, Cape Cod is one of the most visited places on the earth.

Moreover, the bay is divided into four sections that are known as an upper, middle, lower, and outer Cape. For your information, the Wellfleet is a town located in the outer Cape having most of the National Sea Shore of Cape Cod Bay. It is important to note that there is a lot to do in Cape Cod but activities like Kayaking, jet-skiing, boogie boarding, swimming, boating, whale watching, and fishing are some of the most popular things to do in the region:

If you like to visit the beach, then following is the list of beaches in Cape Codthat you should visit during your trip:

1-Monument Beach

It is located in the town of Bourne, Massachusetts. Despite the size and location, the surrounding is amazingly serene and it is not overcrowded.

The dock is very close to the beach and it offers brilliant views of the sea. You can go on a boat ride to spend some quality time with your family. Moreover, if you are looking to store your boat when not in use, then you can avail the boat storage Cape Cod services provided by the professional companies within the area. The water at the beach is calm and families with kids can enjoy here. Lifeguard patrol around the area to ensure safety. The public facilities offered here include restrooms, picnic areas, bathhouses, a boardwalk, and huge parking space.

2-Craigville Beach

It is a famous beach in Barnstable and a public beach located in Nantucket Sound. Furthermore, there is also a private beach named as Covell’s Beach near to it. It is important to note that unlike other private beaches, Craigville parking is also open for non-residents but they have to pay the parking fee.

This beach is having smooth sand and a good landscape. Kitesurfing is one of the important activities in the area. Other than this, swimming, sunbathing is enjoyed a lot. It is having several public amenities like showers, boardwalks, restrooms, swimming lessons, and lifeguards.

3-SeaGull Beach

It is located on the Sea Gull Beach Road in Yarmouth. It is the famous and largest beach in Yarmouth. You might see some seagulls around the area as well. It is a large beach that provides a good space for the visitors to enjoy water activities and relax. The water of Sea Gull is calm and best for refreshing splash. It is having a spacious parking, a good spot for beachcombing and windsurfing.

4-Gray’s Beach

It is also known as Bass Hole Beach. It is located in Yarmouth; Massachusetts and it is having a nice saltwater beach on Cape Cod Bay. The beach is having a long boardwalk that will extend over a salt marsh partway to the beach. The boardwalk provides a beautiful view of marine life along with flora and fauna. The beach is not big enough but still it is having spacious picnic areas that feature gazebo. It is also having restroom for public use.

5-Mayo Beach

This beach is located close to Breakwater Light. It is a long and grassy beach. During the high tide, this beach is perfect for swimming. For a beachcombing enthusiast, there are various specimen of seashells on hard sand floors around the beach. Furthermore, it is one of the best places for yoga enthusiasts. The facilities provided here include bike racks, boardwalks, restrooms, and many restaurants are located near to the adjoining dock area.

6-Ballston Beach

This beautiful beach is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod located in North Pamet Road, Truro that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and at the back is the beautiful golden hills. The water is ideal for Boogie boarding and surfing. There are residential houses as well on both sides of the beach. The public facilities provided here include parking space, restrooms, and accessibility for the disabled.

7-Sandy Neck Beach

It is a six-mile-long beach known for its off-roading trails. The water is colder than most of the southern beaches in Cape Cod but it is still best for swimming. Off-roading is the best sport here. This area is restricted in the season because the shoreline is a breeding ground for the threatened species.

8-Town Neck Beach

It is located on the sandwich, MA. It is a fun beach specially for youngsters and adults. It is a rock and has several dunes in the background. The location is near to the entrance of the Cape Cod canal and this complements beach with great views of boats entering and exiting the canal. This beach is best for kayaking and swimming. It is also having spacious parking and beach also include facilities like beach chairs, restroom, and umbrellas.

9-Coast Guard Beach

It is considered one of the top 10 beaches in the United States. It is known for its great views. The amazing landscape includes stunning dunes and marshland. The large waves provide an opportunity for surfing and boogie-boarding. The parking of the beach is not spacious and it is only for the residents. The non-residents can park near to Little Creek and can come to the beach on a shuttle that arrives after few minutes.

10-East Sandwich Beach

This beach is lying behind the line of grassy dunes and beach cottages. It is a huge beach but sees a less crowd so this makes it a perfect spot to relax. The sand is soft and waves are not too high. The public amenities provided here include chairs, umbrellas, and lounge.

Cape Cod without any doubt is a great spot for best beaches vacation in the world. There are more beaches as well but the aforementioned beaches are the best that you must visit to enjoy and relax.

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