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The 10 Best Marketing Apps for Small Businesses in 2019

The 10 Best Marketing Apps for Small Businesses in 2019

Running a business is no cake-walk. It requires endless preparation and you must consider every tiny aspect that might affect your productivity or profitability in any way, no matter how small the business is. Specially business that aren’t on too large a scale might require a lot of attention due to the fact that they aren’t stable and are still trying to make their mark in the market. Unless you have help from trained professionals, it becomes very difficult to smoothly run a business, and most small businesses cannot afford that. That is where online help comes in. There are apps for everything! This may be some sort of UK assignment help online in disguise, but let’s take a look at the best marketing apps for small businesses in 2019.


This is a pretty basic tool to help small business owners with keeping track of expenses. This is something that could be very stressful and is definitely time consuming. The app makes it much easier by its incredible features such as its ability to extract line items from pictures of receipts and produce expense reports.

  • It is considerably cheap, and free for the first five uses which makes it a really good option from small business owners due to them potentially having a tight budget.
  • It is simple enough to be used and understood by pretty much anyone, the fact that it is user friendly adds to its popularity. It has no overly complicated features that you’d have to use google to learn how to use.


This one helps you keep track of your company’s overall financial status, which can be a very tiring and boring thing to do manually. The task requires specific calculations and efficiency. QuickBooks can link itself to several accounts, such as business bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and Square. It uploads data easily from these sources and let’s you operate very easily.

  • It can help you keep tracks of things like profit and loss reports, financial statements and paying employees on due dates. It saves a lot of service time and productivity, something every company aspires to achieve.
  • You can access it from your phone and work from there, which makes it very convenient and allows you to do at least the basic work from anywhere you want!


This one’s popular, so I’m guessing you’ve heard about it. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is an all-in-one package deal, it is a proper accounting software for everything related to finance which makes it incredibly useful to anyone who might need help with managing finances. It combines different features from the best apps and softwares so there isn’t much you won’t be able to do with it.

  • It is perfect for freelancers and people who need help managing their businesses but don’t quite have the resources to get professional help yet.
  • Most of its features are free, but there is sort of a premium version which you can check out if you want some added benefits. It’ll do most of the job for you without a problem.


A team of bookkeepers that cater to all your bookkeeping needs all in one app. The idea is amazing, and thanks to this app, you can actually have that! They work as part of your company to provide financial insights and reports. They give expert advice and ways to run your business in a much better way.

  • Its affordability solves the biggest problem for any small business owner. It enables one to manage their business without being too heavy on the pocket, truly a wonderful way to work.
  • It is operated by an actual team of working professionals who will guide you according to your needs, which makes it very authentic.


This one is mainly for the aesthetics. It will save you the time and money it will require to hire a graphic designer and provide you with ready-to-use templates that are attractive and inviting, allowing you to create beautiful visuals for your websites and such. It will enable you to design your digital art according to your needs and you can customize it very easily.


Do you have team members scattered all over? Fuze can help with that. It is a video chatting app to help you stay connected with whoever you want, it is specifically for business conferences and such, shown by the business facing features the interface has. Following are some of these features

  • content sharing capabilities
  • numerous integrations with other business apps
  • more trustworthy than skype when it comes to business related contact


Simple and easy! You don’t have to learn complex project management techniques to be efficient with this one, which is one of the best things about it. It’s a bit like having sticky notes in your pocket, except they call them “boards” and you can use them to manage things.


We all know about Skype. It’s a video chatting app to help you stay connected with your team members no matter the distance between you.

PayPal Here

PayPal makes payments so much easier. It eliminated the lack of trust people usually have when providing account information and makes sure both the buyer and the receiver of the payment are satisfied.

Rescue time

This app will help you track your employees’ work schedules and track the time they spend working. Extremely helpful for any business.


Charlie Alan is a 35-year-old financial manager with a PhD from the from University of Sheffield. Apart from his field, he loves to write and provides training and help for the best assignment writers he can find in order to polish their skills further and also provide marketing dissertation topics online. In his free time, he loves to visit animal shelters and volunteer there.

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